UNITED STATES—Black Lives Matter raises billions of dollars with each episode of political spin, thanks to the media who will do anything (even lie) to get President Trump out of office. One would think Black Lives Matter implies that it goes to helping people of color to a better life. On their website, the organization urges you to donate to “end white supremacy” and “liberate black people.” On their Twitter account, they say it means to “Defund the Police.”

The real truth is… Black Lives Matter goes directly to White people…

The video taped murder of George Floyd played endlessly online and on television. It angered everyone of us. It didn’t matter the color of your skin, any reasonable person felt rage while watching Floyd being suffocated to death by a merciless thug cop, Derek Chauvin.

Even though many were still well aware that the Floyd Family’s lawyer was trying to hide the facts, pictures, relationships and even George’s tattoos, it didn’t make his murder less horrific. It didn’t matter that Floyd was high on drugs at the time of his death, or that he was a well known porn star and was involved in trafficking with Chauvin at the club they supposedly did “security” at. We know Floyd had a huge rap sheet and Chauvin was just as dirty. None of that matters.

It was quickly spun into the “white racist cop kills black man” narrative. However, the problem with that is the one thing Derek Chauvin was not guilty of was being a racist. Chauvin and Floyd knew each other and even worked together. They have a backstory. None of this mattered, the scene angered everyone.

Very few questioned the protests or the fact that the same democratic politicians that had business owners arrested, or threatened and scolded us for going to the beach were now congratulating us for meeting in tens of thousands at a protest.

We were in the midst of a global pandemic. Business owners were getting arrested for trying to go back to work just days before. Most importantly, protesting was futile because everyone already agreed Floyd’s murder was wrong and we all wanted justice.

Immediately, politicians, celebrities, media personalities, journalists, social media lit up with, give money, go protest, all under the name of Black Lives Matter.  If you didn’t, you had privilege and were a racist. Joe Biden has encouraged people to support Black Lives Matter. Most do not know he is the second top recipient of these donations and has been caught numerous times making outwardly racist statements of people of color for decades.

Floyd’s family collected more than $18,000,000.00 in donations through a GoFundMe page and other outlets. Black Lives Matter received much more.

In 2015, Black Lives Matter would protest and chant pigs in a blanketfry ‘em like bacon and chant “Kill the Cops.” Now they are demanding to “Defund the Police.”  On Monday, June 15, they succeeded in defunding a 600 person policing unit in New York.

People followed along in order and very few questioned the motives. If anyone speaks poorly about BLM they’d be quickly scrutinized and attacked, some violently and some lost their livelihoods as others lost their jobs. Journalists questioning the legitimacy of these protests were threatened and advertisers were pulled.

Businesses were looted, buildings were lit on fire, historical monuments defaced and destroyed, people lost their freedom and many lost their lives. Meanwhile our democratic governors told police to stand down and not assist. Tragedies continued to go unreported on mainstream media, such as the 72 year old man in Santa Monica trying to help an assaulted girl on a bike was quickly pummeled by a dozen or more thugs.

President Trump urged for law and order, sent out the National Guard, but democratic governors turned them down. Meanwhile, cities were on fire and constituents feared for their lives. He was quickly attacked for calling the violent offenders thugs and for his tweets, yet none of mainstream media questioned the motives of Black Lives Matter.

The protests were professionally organized and heavily advertised through social media with requirements to bring signs and wear face masks. They were nothing close to as reported by media and not even close to  peaceful. However, if you stated that, you were quickly ousted as a racist or a bad person.

It was clever, the thugs that infiltrated the protests and destroyed the cities were also wearing masks so those in the videos would be difficult to identify. Even politicians pushed their power and many were not even charged. Although it can’t be verified that those doing the criminal activity were connected with Black Lives Matter, it can be verified that they did not, in any way, denounce the crime or stop the organized protests. In spite of the global pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, they pushed for these protests to continue, spreading around the world as quicker than the global pandemic did.

Black Lives Matter continues to pull in money day after day, while inflaming the public and spinning lies to make the public angry or guilty or whatever that makes one want to donate to them.

According to past years, each year doubles in contributions. The cycle from May 22, 2020 to May 21, 2021 will probably be trillions of dollars more than the last cycle.

During the 2019/2020 cycle, which ended on May 21, 2020 just days before George Floyd was murdered, the contributions raised was $1,479,003,853, of which $1,459,000,190 was spent.

The top recipient was the Bernie 2020 campaign with $186,780,034. Next highest recipient was Joe Biden’s campaign for $119,253,857. Other recipients were Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigeg, Amy for America, Andrew Yang, Amy McGrath for Senate as well as various Democratic Senatorial Campaigns.

They get free media for asking and more than $15 million went to salaries, wages or benefits. To run an online website?

Black Lives Matter told ABC-6 they wanted to be clear about one thing: “Despite what you may have seen in viral social media posts by right-wing activists, none of this money is going to the Democratic National Committee.” On the contrary, they donated almost $30 million to the Democratic National Committee according to the May 2020 records:

As the name implies directly that black lives matter, yet the list of recipients of Black Lives Matter’s funds are short of actual black lives. In spite of Kamala Harris and Corey Booker both being on the 2020 ticket, they did not seem to receive much help from BLM.

To verify this data go to Black Lives Matter and click on ‘donate,’ then read the fine print and watch how your donation is going to ActBlue. Then go to Opensecrets.org to look up where the funds are going to. It is up to ActBlue to decide where they go. They have decided that black lives do not matter. Credit goes to the Center for Responsive Politics for keeping them honest.

If Black Lives Matter than why are all your donations going to white people trying to get power of you. Think on it! If Black Lives Matter is about racial equality and fighting injustices of police brutality, why are all the donated funds going to White people trying to gain power? At the tune of 1.5 billion dollars, can’t they support a qualified person of color to run for office?