Tag: exercise

The Power Of A Good Walk

UNITED STATES—Exercise, yep, it’s that 8-letter word that most of us never want to hear, but guess what we have to be active one...

Pilot Bike Share Test Period Starts February 22

BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills will start testing a pilot bike-share program beginning on Monday, February 22. Volunteers are welcome and can ride...

Curbing Bad Habits

UNITED STATES—It is not easy ridding one’s self of a bad habit, but with continual trial and error things do get better. I’ve been...

KidTribe Hula Hoop Concert at Tongva Park

SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, May 23, KidTribe, the award-winning hula hoop fitness group, will hold a two-hour concert at Santa Monica’s Tongva Park. KidTribe, founded by...

High Intensity Or Time Intensity?

UNITED STATES—Exercise is something that we all must do to maintain a healthy body and spirit. Lately reports have been surfacing left and right...

Mindful Mindlessness

UNITED STATES—When I get up in the morning the very first thing I do is stretch and breathe and jump into morning exercise. Jump...
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