Tag: filmmaking

Choose Passion Over Money!

UNITED STATES—Oh college, I remember those good ole days America, I remember being fresh out of high school, heading to a Big Ten university...

A Passion Reignites During Down Time

UNITED STATES─Who would have ever expected that this self-quarantine would have provided the perfect opportunity for me to focus my limited spare time I...

Let Us Not Forget!

HELLO AMERICA!—The death of Jeffrey Epstein in prison, will no doubt, interest Tinseltown film and TV scribes for the next few seasons. Attorney General...

Films Of “Black” Life Present Serious Problems

HELLO AMERICA!—I recently viewed a film that was so insulting and demeaning I refuse to mention the title.  The location of the story-line took...

The Hong Kong Experience Never To Be Forgotten!

HELLO AMERICA!—During my last months under contract to 20th Century Fox in the 1960s, I made sure when corresponding with my two best buddies,...

An Amazing Man: Richard L. Bare

UNITED STATES—Hollywood is a story, it’s who you were, where you are, and what happened in between and who you met. Each journey is...
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