HELLO AMERICA!—Well, you can thank COVID-19 for the two shows, “The Time Vault” and “Point Chance.” In 2020, the country was pretty much shut down, with nowhere to go, and nothing to do. It was out of this boredom that “The Time Vault” was created, which is a collection of short skits, like Monty Python, or Bennie Hill. After finishing season 1, the creators, Steven F. Proctor, and Johnnie Marie Proctor were asked by several of their fans for something a little longer, like a sitcom. So, they took the best characters from “The Time Vault,” came up with a hilarious concept, and created “Point Chance,” which can be viewed on Boomer TV via ROKU.

Proctor & wife Johnnie Marie remind me of my dear friends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez.  Their sitcom relationship still keeps the world laughing with their antics and bits of biting dialog between each other. Steven and Jonnie are a perfect pair; Steven is totally unpredictable while his wife, Jonnie, is the one who keeps a level of sanity no matter what unreal situation she gets into. This is a sitcom type show that will no doubt win a big fan following, because it is actually in extremely good taste, and honesty uncovers a realistic, modern relationship between man and wife who only desire to be free and happy, no matter what it takes. Let’s face it, America and the world hungers to relax and simply spend a quiet evening laughing. This is something America has been looking for, especially now.

The Billboard Music Awards ceremony was extremely entertaining.  Nick Jonas was a perfect host; he came across as a well experienced audience pleaser. It is no wonder he was chosen a judge on “The Voice.”  He is well qualified; he is extremely knowledgeable, warm and has a natural charm when addressing his audience. It was good to see Bon Jovi, Pink, Alicia Keys who gave a mystifying performance, Carol G, and BTS, who easily proved their music and dancing still completely controls an audience’s attention. Of course, Drake accepted his music award with class and style, as he has always done. It was an extremely long show, but it wasn’t boring. Those involved, the extremely young audience made it fill with genuine reactions of excitement and joy when their special musical star made an entrance, or performed.  Unlike previous award shows presented this year so far, it was filled with genuine applause, laughter, keeping one nailed to the screen wondering what might happen next.

It was good to receive so many calls from people who previously had to leave their respective jobs at the studios when the “virus” invaded the nation. It seems that in a month or two, they will return to their previous jobs, especially at Universal Studios and Paramount. Agents are excited that they will be able to reestablish meetings concerning their productions or other TV and film ideas.

Actress-model, Katerina Khramova called to let Hollywood know she has returned from Russia and she was so happy to resume her career. Before leaving for her native country, she had signed acting and modeling agreements, but the “virus” made it impossible to follow through. The actress quickly admitted that her dreams of a happy life and career can only be realized here in Hollywood. Welcome back Katerina, believe me the film industry needs fresh faces no matter where they come from.

My friend Chris Robinson called to inform me that he would be spending a few weeks longer on the East Coast. His actress wife Jacquie has family not only in Virginia, but Florida as well. So, it seems they were enjoying family so much, they both got to spend a few extra weeks seeing old friends and simply, enjoying places they both have been a part of when they were just kids.

Producer/Documentary filmmaker Michael Plaster called from Mexico. It seems he has been having extreme problems with his back. All the Jujitsu and wrestling he has a passion for caused him extreme pain. As a result, he went to Mexico for an operation on his back. Before being rolled into the operating room, he called and informed me what was about to happen. From what I gather, the operation has been a success, and he will be returning to Los Angeles in a few days.

It is so good to feel everything is returning to a level of safety and sensibility again. I am suddenly receiving mail from France, Germany and even Italy, all actors wanting to know when it might be safe to come to America to be tested or interviewed for film work. As far as actors, musicians and writers are concerned, Hollywood is the place to be if you are any kind of artist. Of course, I was discovered when I was eighteen, and lucky enough to audition for director-producer Otto Preminger, who was producing the film “Carmen Jones” starring Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, Diahann Carroll and several other well-known Black actors.  Oh, and I played the comic role of “T-Bone.”