Tag: Gas prices

Gas Price Mayhem!

UNITED STATES—It is bad right now, the cost of gas prices are absolutely ridiculous. Do you know the last time I recall the price...

California Gas Prices May Finally Come Down This Year

CALIFORNIA—California gas prices may finally come down this year because the excise tax rate for gasoline in California may be lowered by 2.2 cents...

SoCal Gas Prices Spiking

LOS ANGELES—Gas prices in Southern California have risen in the past week. Los Angeles and Ventura counties have seen some of the biggest spikes,...

California Gas Prices Increase

CALIFORNIA—The nationwide average gas prices fell below $2.20 a gallon for the first time about a month ago. According to the Oil Price Information,...

Gas Prices Taking A Dip!

UNITED STATES—Oh, jeez, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the price of gas slowly, but surely falling to unbelievable rates....
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