Tag: Goosebumps

“Halloween” Wins Weekend Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—For the second consecutive weekend, a franchise from the past ruled the box-office. The 2018 flick “Halloween” scared audiences once again to the tune...

“The Martian” Scares “Burnt” At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was quite apparent that many people attended Halloween parties and did trick-or-treating instead of visiting the multiple this weekend. Even though several new...

“The Martian” Returns To The Top

HOLLYWOOD—It was a very busy weekend at the box-office, but the newcomers were no battle for a previous box-office champion. “The Martian” rose to...

“Goosebumps” Is Spooky Fun

HOLLYWOOD—As a kid, I have to give loads of credit for my burgeoning reading skills to R.L. Stine and his highly popular series “Goosebumps.”...

“Goosebumps” Frightens The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Thrills and chills were evident at the box-office this weekend, but it might not have been the scares that box-office prognosticators suspects. The adaptation...
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