Tag: habits

Curb Debt, By Not Creating It

UNITED STATES—Debt is debt. It is something I think every American has and will have a vast portion of their lives. Why? We have...

Is This The New Normal?

UNITED STATES─It may have only been 2 weeks, but it is starting to feel like an eternity for most Americans with current orders nationwide...

Budgets Are Not Easy To Stick To

UNITED STATES—Budget. Yes that is a very scary word for many Americans. We do not like to hear the word budget or the thought...

Nutritious And Healthy Food In Student’s Ration

UNITED STATES—As students, we spend many days of our lives buried in endless piles of homework, rummaging through stacks of journal articles and research...

New Year’s Resolutions

UNITED STATES—New Year’s Resolutions. Everybody’s got ’em. Nobody executes ’em. We tell ourselves we’re going to start eating healthy, we’re going to finish whatever...

The Weirdest Rituals Of Your Favorite Celebrities

UNITED STATES—Do you have a weird superstition you do before doing something big or important? Do you have a lucky pen you use for...
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