Tag: Healthcare

Is Medicaid A Good Long Term Care Option?

UNITED STATES—Toni, I have a friend who just received a bill from the state of Texas for his mother's Medicaid nursing home care. No...

We All Have Stress

UNITED STATES—Stress, it is that mental thing that is not easy to describe with words, but you kind of know it when it becomes...

Direct Primary Care Gains Popularity

UNITED STATES—Direct primary care (DPC) is becoming a popular alternative to health insurance. The new model has been around for several years. According to...

CurePSP: Not Interested In A Cure! (Part 5)

BEVERLY HILLS—There is an organization called CurePSP and before you open your bank account to them, I’d like to share with you a little...

California’s First Mobile Stroke Unit Deployed In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—California’s first-ever Mobile Stroke Unit was deployed on Thursday, September 14 paving the way for a new approach to deal with medical emergencies. The...

Healthcare 101

UNITED STATES—For years we have had this ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats about the issue of healthcare and health insurance in the United...
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