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Starbucks Gives Free Coffee To Front-Line Workers

PACIFIC PALISADES—In response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases, Starbucks wanted to recognize front-line workers by offering a free tall brewed coffee (hot...

TLTLA Offers Free Laundry Services

  HOLLYWOOD— The Laundry Truck LA (TLTLA) has teamed up with many sponsors to work on a project where they will be offering free laundry...

Hollywood Bookstore Seeks Help During Pandemic

HOLLYWOOD­–Larry Edmunds Bookshop, an 82-year-old bookshop locating at Hollywood Boulevard, is reaching out to the public due to the financial difficulties. The owner of...

AllTogether LA Delivers Groceries And Medication To Seniors

SANTA MONICA—AllTogether LA, a non-profit organization that was founded on March 14 after the outbreak of the pandemic, dedicates to protect seniors in Los...

Speak Easy: Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

UNITED STATES—APRIL is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! Although I have written about this topic in MANY DIFFERENT WAYS, I have absolutely no problem writing about...


UNITED STATES—She was crouched asleep, knees to her chin, by the sink in the laundromat. When I rushed around the corner, she started like...
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