HOLLYWOOD­–Larry Edmunds Bookshop, an 82-year-old bookshop locating at Hollywood Boulevard, is reaching out to the public due to the financial difficulties. The owner of the bookstore has organized a fundraiser since April 14 and is asking for support from the community.

“Today however, like so many of our friends in Hollywood, be it tourism, filmmaking, stage or in the movie theatres, we are struggling,” said Jeffrey Mantor, the proprietor of Larry Edmunds Bookshop in a statement. The bookstore had been closed after the stay-at-home order was issued during the COVID-19 crisis. Mantor said the only income has been books that customers order directly and that he has personally wrapped and shipped to them.

“Certainly, better than nothing, it is not enough to keep the store going. We are not meeting our basic operating expenses and I’m worried we won’t be able to hang on,” said Mantor. “I looked into some of the loan situations very early on and there was also a situation involving the book community, in particular, that’s a charity for bookstores.” Mantor followed directions for receiving aids but emphasized that this is a slow and unpredictable process. He has also organized a fundraiser on gofundme.

“It’s a monster to not have these events,” Mantor told Canyon News that due to the outbreak of the pandemic, many Spring activities such as TCM Classic Film Festival which basically take place in March and April have all been canceled and thus made a huge impact on the bookstore.

“I’m not prepared to open my door for regular browsing until I can keep my employees and my customers safe when they come in here,” said Mantor. Larry Edmunds Bookshop is now offering mail order and curbside pickup. Customers can find some offerings at @ the_larebrary and order the books via the email info@larryedmunds. Mantor mentioned that many customers have given him supports and he plans to have an e-commerce website as well as more virtual events in the near future.