Tag: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma Strikes

UNITED STATES—The United States has been battered with some extreme weather in the past few weeks. First, Hurricane Harvey unleashed devastation through various parts...

Celebrities Unite!

HOLLYWOOD—Taylor Swift is back, actually she never left. Her comeback single," Look What You Made Me Do," is breaking several streaming records in the...

Malibu Residents Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

MALIBU—The city of Malibu is providing information to residents of Malibu who are interested in helping those impacts in regions of Texas by Hurricane...

Hurricane Harvey’s Devastating Impact

UNITED STATES—Mother Nature can indeed be downright cruel and dangerous at times America. The biggest talk of town for most people this weekend was...

Beverly Hills Assisting With Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills is assisting with the rest of the nation to provide support to those in need as parts of...
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