Tag: incest

June 2016 U.S. Familial Offenders

UNITED STATES—This month’s chronicle of familial offenders should enforce the belief that Uncle Sam needs to define the DO'S and DON'T'S of parenting. We begin...

May 2016 U.S Familial Offenders

UNITED STATES—Here are May’s 10 shameful family members, each and every one responsible for the death, disability, or at the minimum: mistreatment or neglect...

Speak Easy: Incest And The Broken Uterus

UNITED STATES—Crazy theories roam my head, and since I was not accepted into the master program, I MUST give them to the world simply...

Speak Easy: Sexual Abuse

UNITED STATES—History is littered with drawings, photos and historical accounts of it and today I am going to talk about something NOBODY wants to...

Religion + Indoctrination = Complacent Victims

UNITED STATES—I will use my Freedom of Speech to say that I THINK RELIGION is TOO easily exploited to INDOCTRINATE and CONDITION women and...
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