Tag: John Goodman

Celebrities And Obesity!

HOLLYWOOD—We all heard of body-shaming. The media constantly offers tips about how to lose weight, appear thinner and hide our imperfections. Without knowing anything...

“Kong: Skull Island” Is Popcorn Fun

HOLLYWOOD—He’s back! Yep, Kong the ruler of all rulers is returning to the big screen, yet again, this time marking the eighth time the...

“Patriot’s Day” Is Triumphant, Powerful

HOLLYWOOD—Hearing about “Patriot’s Day,” at first I had mixed feelings. To be honest, I thought it was just way too soon for Hollywood to...

“10 Cloverfield Lane,” A Thrilling Surprise

HOLLYWOOD—If you saw J.J. Abrams thriller “Cloverfield” back in 2013, you might suspect that “10 Cloverfield Lane” is a direct sequel, but you’d be...
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