Tag: Jules

“The Walking Dead” Series Finale Recap!

HOLLYWOOD—The end has come America. After more than 11 years, the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” ended its run on Sunday, November 20. Yes,...

“Euphoria” Ends Season Two On High Note!

HOLLYWOOD—This show became an instant guilty pleasure for me after one watch. I’m talking about the HBO series “Euphoria” that has been clicking on...

“Euphoria” Is Something Special

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that is the only word that comes to mind when I binge-watched the first season of the HBO series “Euphoria.” Yeah, to say...

“Imposters” Is Worth A Watch!

HOLLYWOOD—I have to say I’m really entertained by the original Bravo series “Imposters.” It was a show that I was completely stunned by. There...
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