HOLLYWOOD—This show became an instant guilty pleasure for me after one watch. I’m talking about the HBO series “Euphoria” that has been clicking on every single cylinder each week people. The second season wrapped with plenty of drama to say the least. Fez realized something was off, right before he was about to head to Lexi’s play. Yeah, it was very apparent something chaotic was about to transpire people and what, I have absolutely no idea, but I’m glued to the screen people. Damn did that just transpire, yes it did people and it was a brutal and bloody to say the least to see Ash take out the threat without thinking twice.

It totally looks like this love affair between Lexi and Fez, which is absolutely beautiful is about to come to a screeching halt people. The conversations between these two seem so natural, so full of chemistry and eye-opening to witness.

Talk about a scary moment, as Cassied, with tears raining from her face stormed back into the theater and was ready to go after her sister Lexi for embarrassing her and Nate people. Talk about embarrassing as the family drama of Lexi, Cassie and her mom and a war of words erupted between Maddy and Cassie all on stage and in the school’s hallway.

There is a lot being jumbled together here for me to carefully follow. We’re intersecting between the theatre, between Fez and now Rue and Elliott, which if I’m being honest I completely forget about them as a couple, and I don’t think anyone truly cares about Elliott at this point in the season people. Lexi was in tears realizing her big moment was stolen from her courtesy of her sister people. The audience however, wants Lexi to know they still appreciated her work of art that she delivered. So she still received the accolades she deserved. Fez was ready to take the fall for his brother and it’s a brave move to say the least. Fez is a standup guy people. There is NO WAY Ash is about to try to take his life, this is about to leave me blown away if it unfolds this way people. Fez heard the sounds at the door, just as Nate loaded his gun with bullets driving in a frenetic manner, causing Fez to flip out as the authorities came bursting thru the door. The editing is intense in this finale people!

Whoa, Nate came to see his father Cal and it was apparent something we never expected was about to unfold America. Cal wanted to chat with Nate in private, but Nate was having none of that people. Cal realized he was a bad parent and was pouring his heart out to Nate, but it was not enough, Nate wanted revenge and the police arrived to the scene. So it was NATE giving his father and opportunity to take his life or let the police take him into custody. Damn, that’s brutal, but Cal has committed some wicked deeds so he has to pay the price people.

Cal was taken into custody, just as the police raided Fez’s place. Ash was ready to take his life, as Fez begged his brother not to do anything. Ash started firing at the police, just as Fez was shot in the stomach. Damn this is just brutal to watch America. Fez continued to beg for his brother to come out, but the authorities had already fired enough bullets into that bathroom it seemed impossible for Ash to survive. This kid survived, but instead of surrendering he killed a police officer, just as the target was place on his head. “Euphoria” why, oh, why are you doing this to me! It was apparent that Ash was dead, the audience didn’t see his body and I’m glad we didn’t to be honest people.

Lexi was living on a high note and seeing that friendship with Rue get back to where it should be, is about to take a big nosedive when she learns about Fez and his situations. This feels like a breakthrough moment for Rue one that she needed to see to realize the strong bond of sisterhood. So I see the bond between Lexi and Rue, they both lost their fathers, so they should be stronger together than apart.

Jules and Rue had a conversation about where their friendship stands, and it became apparent that Rue forgave her pal, but at the same time that kiss on the forehead almost felt like a goodbye people and it was brutal to watch. Hate to say it, but Jules was the focus on season one, Lexi was the focus for season two. However, for the season two finale to end with so many questions still up in the air is just so unfair people. Damn, I’m ready for season three already, but I know we’re going to have to wait quite some time for that to come around “Euphoria” fans.