HOLLYWOOD—Let me just say this; I hate rewind or non-eviction weeks on “Big Brother.” It slightly stalls the gameplay in my opinion, and the producers need to shake the game up a bit so the contestants are much more on edge; make them think they know what to expect, but in actuality they have no idea. Week 4 similar to some of the madness we encountered in “Big Brother 19” when Cody returned after being evicted in week 2 was interesting to say the least.

Look, Thursday’s eviction was epic, because it was another close vote where 6-5 Winston was sent packing. This guy has a temper and he stormed out the house, and the interview with Julie Chen just seemed uncomfortable. However, that was just the beginning America. Brett gave a fantastic, but stupid speech throwing Rockstar under the bus. Just a tip Brett, because it worked this time, with smarter players it won’t: don’t call someone out before a vote (who already has animosity with you), if anything call them out AFTER the vote. Rockstar confronting Brett delivered one of the best post-eviction fights I’ve recalled seeing in a while.

“Disgusting,” yes that word will likely stick in your head for a very long time. Tyler continued to play aloof, but little does he know Bayleigh, Haleigh and Rockstar have him on their radar. Haleigh in particular because she plans to just toss Tyler right on the block (yes, Haleigh)! Trust between Foutte is completely shattered, Fessy is being pulled in all sorts of directions and JC thinks he is a mastermind that he is not. Dude, take a seat please. We got our first endurance competition of the summer and they should have done it during week 5, not week 4, considering someone is likely reentering the game after Sam’s bonus life is put into play.

We got the expected wall comp, and it was a battle between Kaitlyn, Sam, Tyler and Kaycee. Why? I mean why in the hell would Tyler or Sam EVEN WANT TO WIN HOH? You both know the person evicted is nearly 99 percent guaranteed to come back into the house. Why make enemies if you don’t have to? Sam was determined to win this HOH, which she did and dare I say Sam’s true colors finally came to light? This woman does seem like she is holier and better than others and it was not fun to watch. As HOH, no one could enter her room without her being there, there would be no 1-on-1 meetings (yet, you used the room during Scottie’s HOH to hold 1-on-1 meetings), and she just seemed to take the game very personal. She nominated Haleigh and Kaitlyn, and basically slut-shamed them on national TV.

Sam, your popularity rating plummeted for me. That was just a dirty move, and I didn’t like it. You’re no better than anyone else in that house and there is no rulebook saying you can’t flirt or manipulate in the game. Sam you just made a lot of enemies and to be honest if you go out next week I would not be mad at the least. After that degrading speech, Kaitlyn and Haleigh were an emotional mess, as Sam attempted to justify her move. Sorry Sam, not buying anything that you are selling.

The veto would be crucial this week because depending on who wins and who is taken off the block would cause more chaos. Why? Fessy, of ALL THE PEOPLE, won the veto and made promises to both Kaitlyn and Haleigh to use it on them. Jeez, this guy and his showmances are tanking his game. He should have thrown it, but after constant pressure, Fessy realized Haleigh was the right choice and I agree. Why? Kaitlyn betrayed him not ONCE, but TWICE, so in my book after the first betrayal I owe you nothing.

Sam is still playing hardball, not wanting to tell anyone who her replacement nominee would be, but at the same time Fessy refused to acknowledge if he would use the veto, even though we knew he would use it on Haleigh. As a result, Sam decided to nominate JC first, but he found a way to weasel out of his nomination and Rockstar as the replacement. This veto meeting was an utter mess, probably one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. This is what Level 6 wants, but considering Rockstar or Kaitlyn could walk back into the house this week, tread very careful on who you evict and how you evict them. Why? I can sense either one of these women coming back into the house and winning HOH and wanting blood.

Secretly, I would die if Kaitlyn won HOH again, but I honestly want to see Rockstar win because I know she’ll take a shot at Brett and likely Tyler, which I’m dying to see Tyler scamper a bit for once. The disclaimer returned on the TV screens as BB aired a special segment addressing a bit of controversy which made national headlines, not to the tune of “Big Brother 15,” but enough to where the show talked about the situation. It involved an intense conversation between JC and Bayleigh. The two were having a conversation where both used words that they should have. JC used the N-word after Bayleigh asked a question about JC’s stature and she used the M-word.

I will say I’m sick and tired of hearing the N-word dropped so much by individuals. It’s a word that simply put should not be used, and if you’re not Black you REALLY should not use that terminology. However, it was nice to see BB addressed both sides of the issue and for both Bayleigh and JC to realize they were in the wrong for using those words.

In terms of gameplay, Bayleigh and Haleigh are doing great work bonding with the other side. Bayleigh is NOT perceptive enough for me, how she can’t see that Tyler was the flip vote TWICE and orchestrated Swaggy’s eviction drives me bonkers. Not to mention Fessy knows about her power, Kaycee has a feeling and now she is jumping ship to the other side. Level 6 is working too hard to be deceptive and it’s going to bite them. No one stays in power for long, and by blindsiding Haleigh, Fessy and JC by evicting Rockstar over Kaitlyn, not only CLEARLY shows your cards, but if one of those 3 win HOH, pencil Rockstar in there because people are INDEED underestimating her ability, they are targeting Level 6.

Tyler and crew are so focused on the fact that Kaitlyn might just drift on their side, but I promise you if one of those on the losing side win power, she will be up there you know what so fast you won’t be able to blink. Bayleigh needs to tell her allies she is voting to keep Kaitlyn cause they don’t have the numbers, by blindsiding Fessy, he has information on your power and that can blow her game up instantly. People are starting to grow on Angela, but sorry the girl is dull as hell, and unless I see her willing to make a move to further her game and not her alliance, I can care less if she stays or goes.

I want to see Rachel jump ship, she is too loyal and actually at the bottom of her alliance and has no clue. The most interesting development is the rift between JC and Tyler. JC has juicy Intel on Tyler’s role in a ton of things so far in the game, so if he feels blindsided he might expose Tyler to the other side and his allies who really don’t know how dangerous he is. It is time for Level 6 to not have things go their way for once, and the only way I can see that happening is if Scottie, Haleigh, Fessy or Rockstar win HOH this week!