HOLLYWOOD—What a first week on “Big Brother 20” because fans were delivered a blindside and it was epic to say the least. All week long, the battle between Sam and Steve (who were both nominated) culminated. Tyler, who was HOH, worked his magic overtime to earn Sam’s trust so that he was able to utilize her power app, a Bonus Life in the game. It worked, because he got Kaitlyn, the life coach who is ALL ABOUT POSITIVE ENERGY (she is damn negative if you ask me), to flip on her alliance Foutte and join Level 6.

Kaitlyn was an utter mess when she casted her vote, sending Steve packing and Swaggy, Bayleigh and the rest of Foutte including Scottie blindsided. It was no secret to Swaggy, Kaitlyn flipped, but there was nothing he could do because she was the new HOH. This girl was on a power trip and ugh it was a mess to watch, but I’m certain it will lead to her downfall. Her alliance (Rockstar, Haleigh, Fessy, Swaggy and Bayleigh) were all aware that the Kaitlyn they knew had significantly changed as she focused her attention on Tyler.

Kaitlyn is very thirsty and it’s not a good look; she has a boyfriend at home, but is obsessing over Fessy and Tyler, not to mention she already made headlines on TMZ for saying the N-word on the live feeds. Not a good look girl, not at all. I’m having remnants of “Big Brother 15” here and I’m hoping that is not the case. Tyler worked his magic yet again and got in Kaitlyn’s ear to get her to nominate Scottie and Winston, with the goal of backdooring Swaggy. I really wish BB makes it harder to backdoor contestants, because with only 6 people playing in the veto competition, if you’re not in the mix you can easily see your game explode.

Swaggy had a tiff with Winston, who is really a complete douche. The guy always has something to say behind someone’s back, but never seems to say it to their face. The guy is a paranoid mess and even if he doesn’t go home this week, his number will be up soon. Yet again, why the hell are Kaycee and Angela on this season. They are boring as hell; they have the personality of a piece of cardboard and just seem like casting duds.

This week’s BB App store gave Rachel a crap app, where she will be tortured by someone for 24 hours, and we finally got a diary room confessional, where she broke down in tears. I think Rachel is a gamer, I just hate who she has aligned with and something tells me she will indeed fracture from that alliance sooner than Level 6 thinks. The winner of the power app was none other than Tyler (not surprised) and he selected a crappy power, The Cloud. Why is it sucky, it’s not that powerful, he can save himself at one nomination or veto ceremony, but the power HAS TO BE USED before nominations are made. Yeah, so it’s like a hidden immunity idol, but if you don’t suspect it and don’t use the power you’re out of luck. Its best to use at the veto ceremony, but this is such an easy power to flush out. It lasts for 8 weeks which is too long in my opinion, but if someone from the opposing side of the house gains power, they can flush out not only Tyler’s power, but Sam’s power at the same time. Put Tyler up without him expecting it, prevent Tyler or someone from the opposing side to win the POV, and it forces Sam to utilize her power to save an ally.

No one goes home, but going into the fourth week ONLY Sam and the audience knows whoever is evicted automatically re-enters the game. That means allow Level 6 to win HOH and think they’re making a move to only have egg on their face. Only way to ensure this happens is to get Sam to actually disclose those details, which she thankfully hasn’t told ANYONE!

Now, things get messy as Tyler won the POV, and planned to take Scottie off the block to sway him to their side (Tyler, Scottie is no idiot, he is a fan of the game and he knows you took out Steve). He’ll align with you just waiting for the moment to stab you in the back. Kaitlyn planned to nominate Swaggy as a replacement, but for dumb reasons she told Haleigh, Sam had the first week power app and about her plan. Haleigh did the smart thing and kept quiet, but warned Rockstar of the impending doom. Rockstar was ready to explode and tried to hint to Fessy, but the guy can’t pick up subtle cues. So the blindside was in play during the POV ceremony and all hell broke loose afterwards, but not as we expected. Swaggy and Bayleigh were notably calm, a surprise for Kaitlyn who thought they were going to be ‘aggressive.’ Ugh, this girl went from me loving her to absolutely HATING her!

Was I happy? No doubt because it definitely exposed Tyler’s game, which the other side of the house were already aware of, and Kaitlyn she is a dead man walking and has no clue. She is at the bottom of one alliance, while her original allies have completely wiped their hands clean with her. Yes, we might be losing a major character this week, but this is once again my biggest rule, 1) Don’t do showmances 2) Be care how you perceive yourself in the house and to America. Rockstar can’t stand Tyler and made sure to tell several houseguests she is onto his game, but that puts a target on his back.

So with Winston and Swaggy on the block, it spelt doom for Swaggy, but if he could flip 2 votes, the only people I would approach are Rachel, JC and Sam. Rachel because she is weak minded and knows she is being perceived as lackluster by America and might want to make a move, plus it keeps a bigger target in the house and takes out a member of her alliance who is a loose cannon. JC is mendable because he has built a relationship with Bayleigh, if she could play that emotional card and present the argument that him staying allows the opportunity to go after Kaitlin, Tyler and the others on Level 6 (who seen him as a pawn) and keep him safe for the time being.

It will require a lot of work, but it’s possible. Sam absolutely considered saving Swaggy after he presented Christopher instead of his persona, but Tyler managed to flip her back. If someone could just open the blinders to Sam that she can win $500,000 and Tyler didn’t do her a favor because he placed her in the predicament last week to begin with, she might start to play her own game.

Tyler is very good at manipulating and all you have to point out is the amount of time he has spent with Kaitlyn all week. I’m super eager to see who gets the third power app, and it seems it’s all dependent on the edit, which I do not like, but Bayleigh, Rockstar or someone from the underdog side I think will win and this can totally shake the game up.  Just let people vote for their favorites instead of these stupid questions about least or most trending. Out of all the powers remaining Upgrade seems like a big one and for the life of me I cannot shake the fact that I think Identity Theft allows the person to steal someone else’s HOH, veto or multiple votes, and I cannot wait until we discover precisely what these powers are. Week 3 will determine the course of the rest of this game, it’s time for a shake-up BB fans!