HOLLYWOOD—We can’t always have good things “Big Brother” fans, but it’s the nature of the game that keeps you hooked. Last week was one of the best treats fans of “Big Brother 21” have been begging for. Jessica won HOH and she went for it, nominating Jack and Jackson for eviction. Christie’s Diamond Power of Veto was still in play, so the Power of Veto would be crucial and Jessica proved to be a player winning the veto and sealing Jack’s fate. This guy thought he was on top of the mountain, but took a tumble as he was evicted 6-2. Jack really thought he had the votes to stay, but oh, his eviction interview with Julie Chen was epic.

I cannot recall the last time Julie read the riot act to a contestant since Aaryn from BB15. She forced Jack to WATCH, yes you heard me, WATCH vicious comments he said about Kemi in addition to Bella. I think it’s safe to say Jack knows he is quite hated by the BB fandom. On top of that mayhem, we had another luck HOH competition. Jeez, I don’t recall so many luck based comps, I’m eager for the knockout competition and a few more endurance comps. Why? It just raises the stakes a bit more in my opinion.

Anyway Tommy came into victory as HOH, and I can already see this guy trying to reunite the Six Shooters or at least the remnants of it. However, Jackson and Christie despise each other so that is a phenomenal thing for fans. Jackson KNOWS in his gut that Christie was indeed coming after him, and he’s not going to let that slide by. Tommy per usual, played his empathy card and acted as if everyone is his best pal. Here’s the problem with Tommy, he’s inauthentic. The fans root for a villain, we see it all, we know what you’re doing and we respect a player who embraces their treachery instead of being phony.

However, we finally got a taste of chaos, even if it was only for a short while with the result of ‘America’s Field Trip.’ Yes, we got the opportunity to influence the game by sending three houseguests on a trip. One would be safe, one would receive a punishment and the glory of it all would be one person becoming a third nominee. America voted for Jackson, Christie and Analyse. Oh, the houseguests were floored by the twist, as it became apparent to Jackson that America doesn’t like him or his former alliance. The icing on the cake was seeing Christie crumble; it was glorious live feeds and TV America, because this woman thinks her manifestation powers are unlike any other.

Christie, we’re over the tears and so are the houseguests, it became crystal clear to Tommy that America does not like him. Oh, I was living for it. It was like ‘The Friendship 2.0’ all over again. They discovered they’re not the heroes of the season, they are the villains and that is always a blow to people and their ego. This placed a huge hiccup in Tommy’s plans because he knows if Christie is on the block come eviction night, she going home. He nominated Kat and Cliff as nominees, with Kat as the intended target, but her allies, Jackson and Holly had no idea. That is not a good move by Tommy who wants to reunite Holly and Jackson with Christie with the remnants of their former alliance, but Christie and Analyse is not fond of working with their former pals.

The POV would be vital and it was OTEV people. Why, oh why do we always get OTEV during crucial times in the game, similar to BB21, when Haleigh and co. needed the veto to send Angela, Kacey or Tyler out the game? Tommy won the game, and it looks like we won’t get Christie leaving on Tommy’s HOH, as he saved his ally. However, that woman is still a target, and more than ever and Tommy may have inadvertently placed a target on his back us. He’s made it crystal clear they are a duo, and Nick is exposing himself by doing all in his power to remain with the cool kids even though they sent two of his allies’ home.

Sorry, but not sorry Nick is just not rootable America. I mean I’m rooting for Holly, Nicole, Cliff, Jessica and God I can’t believe I’m even saying this, Jackson at this point. Look, I don’t like Jackson as a person at all, but I’m separating gameplay from personal, and the guy knows Tommy and Christie need to be broken up. However, his ally wants to realign with her former group, but Jackson is having none of it. Holly doesn’t realize she is at the bottom of that alliance, and will be the first cut loose when the remnants of the six have to go against each other.

These two morons want to nominate Christie and Nicole if they were to win HOH next week, while Nick is right back with the cool kids as he confirmed in his diary room. Nick was rootable for a hot second, but he can go now, the guy was blindsided multiple times by Tommy and Christie, and still trust them. When he gets evicted, he absolutely deserves. Nick proposed an alliance of six involving himself, Cliff, Nicole, Christie and Analyse. However, Tommy refused the deal as he is hell bent on working with Holly as he does not want to lose her jury vote. Tommy, you have to get blood on your hands if you want to get to the end. Not everyone is going to do your dirty work.

Making the situation worse is the fact that Kat and Cliff have both done decent campaigning, so I don’t want to see either of them go, but I sense Cliff going would be a better option because Kat would absolutely target Tommy if she won HOH, Cliff, I hope he would as we’re in the second half of the game. The house is very fluid right now, so whoever wins HOH could totally change the course of the game. To be honest I would love to see Cliff, Nicole, Jessica or Jackson to win HOH, anyone else I think will make for a boring week, and I need another shakeup people. Why does something tell me we have a double eviction coming up or another twist to shakeup the game; its BB people, there is always a twist we least expect.