Tag: Kong: Skull Island

“The Boss Baby” Wins The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” had its grip on the box-office for more than 2 weeks, but a new flick has dethroned the...

“Kong: Skull Island” Is Popcorn Fun

HOLLYWOOD—He’s back! Yep, Kong the ruler of all rulers is returning to the big screen, yet again, this time marking the eighth time the...

“Beauty And The Beast” Shatters Box-Office Records

HOLLYWOOD—Who knew it would take a live-action version of a Disney classic to prove that nostalgia never goes away. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”...

“Kong: Skull Island” Roars At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—I argued it would be a duel at the box-office this weekend between superhero Wolverine aka “Logan” and a beast who rules with a...
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