Tag: mask wearing

To Mask Or Not To Mask

UNITED STATES—To mask or not to mask that is the question of the hour. I see it this way America, there are people who...

COVID-19 Pandemic Still Not Over

UNITED STATES—We all thought it was over, but it seems the pandemic and COVID-19 is far from over America. It seemed the tide started...

Vaccination Chaos

UNITED STATES—This is something that I have been eager to talk about for quite some time, however, I wanted to fully gather my thoughts...

Mask Confusion

UNITED STATES—Oh, this is driving me absolute bonkers. The Centers for Disease Control need to get their s**t together. One week they say one...

We Will Never Be Normal Again

UNITED STATES—I must admit I am so sick and tired of hearing people say let’s get things back to normal. Here is the thing...
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