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“Big Brother 25” Week 9 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—It is starting to feel like the same ole same ole on “Big Brother 25.” I’m starting to be in agreement with others, when...

“Big Brother 25” Week 7 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—What a week people, because it was fascinating to witness “Big Brother 25.” I mean we got a blindside, shifting alliances, break-ups, utter chaos...

“Big Brother 25” Week 6 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—It was a week full of surprises and what could have been the definitive transition in the game of “Big Brother 25.” Yes, when...

“Big Brother 25” Week 5 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Jared Fields, oh, the reckoning you will have when you come out of the “Big Brother 25” house. Jared is NOT Cirie Fields in...

“Big Brother 25” Week 1 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, baby talk about a first week in the “Big Brother 25” house. We might have a really good season and crop of players...

“Big Brother 25” Premiere Recap!

HOLLYWOOD—It seems so long since we’ve chatted about “Big Brother,” but after close to a year of no BB we are celebrating a landmark...
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