HOLLYWOOD—It seems so long since we’ve chatted about “Big Brother,” but after close to a year of no BB we are celebrating a landmark 25 seasons of the iconic reality competition series and I am on cloud nine people. The host with the most Julie Chen aka the Chenbot was back in the hosting chair and she’s iconic. No one can host this series but her. The 90-minute premiere gave the audience our introduction to our new 16 houseguests with their hometown visits, before we got the competition in real-time.

I will admit I like the live move-in, but I don’t love the comps. They are rushed and I love what we previously had the endurance competition, where it was a test of your will power. However, I think it should be a simple test like the pressure cooker, place a hand on a button and just hold on. Early Wednesday, fans were teased to a 17th houseguest joining the game and all types of speculation erupted and I mean all types. Seeing iconic moments from the past seasons were such a treat.

The introduction of the houseguests is crucial because it gave me an insight into who I might like. I’m liking Blue she feels like a dark horse and she has a fun energy people. Red has been in a military, that was something I didn’t know, I wasn’t loving his energy at first, but I’m warming up to him. Jared, the son of Cirie Fields, and she encouraged him to get into a showmance if need be to win. Mecole is a smart one and she’s married so no showmance there. She does sound like a politician though that worries me.

We have Matt who is a deaf Olympic medalist, who has overcome so many obstacles and the fact that his story is so resonating and as a viewer you cannot help, but root for him. Izzy is a professional flutist, who has quirky energy, she might be underrated. Jag shared a bit of history about his upbringing and the Sinkh community. I like Reilly people, this girl has some energy and I think she is going to be underestimated in the house. Julie is teasing the most unexpected twist in BB history, what does that mean?

I am getting vibes of the house being split into two people. Like 2 teams. Luke Valentine is a buff nerd, with a hilarious side. Felicia is the oldest houseguest ever. A real estate agent, who has a background in the Air Force and is a BB superfan from the start. Hisam is quite loud and happens to be in medicine and burlesque. That damn laugh of his is going to drive me crazy. Cory is a great speaker so that can make him dangerous; he claims he is quite persuasive. Wow, I did not know Bowie was an attorney and DJ people. She is quite athletic people. America’s tale is already tugging at my heart. Her sharing her backstory is what I like to hear and she’s been watching BB since she was 10. I like fans.

Cameron has that Southern twang, he was a member of the U.S. Army and has a hair style unlike anything ever seen before people. Ok, we have another BB fan in Cameron, who seems like a sleeper not afraid to backstab. Kristen is gorgeous people, and she’s aiming to give us a female alliance. I know fans have been asking for that for years! This is a great cast people, I mean great. Julie that acting was not great. She teased 3 legends entering the house and unleashing the multiverse, they were Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes and Frankie Grande. Cory and Felicia’s jaws dropped when they saw Danielle Reyes. The time laser is an opportunity to change the outcomes of their season. I cannot recall being this excited for BB since BB7.

Julie explained the game has changed, with tons of unpredictability, which we will not know; four universes have taken over (Comic-verse, Humili-verse Scary-verse and Scamble-verse). These 4 multiverses can scramble the game at various points throughout the season. Wow 4 competitions again, which means, rushed chaos. Ugh oh, the Scramble-Verse is at play, and while HOH is usually at play, not this time, everyone is competing to prevent being nominated. Loser of each of the 4 competitions will be nominated and up for eviction before an HOH is crowned. Damn that is quite crazy, which means the HOH really has no power.

Unravel your puzzle and place it back into the box. It is literally like a 6 piece puzzle. America finished her puzzle first followed by Bowie Jane and Mecole, which means Jared has been nominated. In Humili-verse, it was all about moving a lever to kick you in the butt causing your counter to increase, kick in the butt at least 100 times. So the stronger you are the more likely you are to win. Yeah, Kristen is totally struggling here people, and she is nominated as well. I don’t love competing not to lose when all the comps are not evenly squared.

Now the Comic-Verse competition involves Felicia, Izzy, Jag and Cameron are facing Dr. Goo. I swear if Felicia loses the optics are not going to look great for BB. Ok, a puzzle I like this. Connect the wires to explode your goo bomb. Jag, Izzy and Cameron were all safe, leaving Felicia nominated. These optics are literally super bad, a twist that is not a good look. The last comp from the Scary-Verse involves Cory, Luke, Reilly and Red. Looks like this competition involves holding on so that a hand doesn’t pull you in, the first person dragged in is the fourth nominee and will disappear? So what the hell does that mean? Please not Reilly on her birthday people.

Would this be a great HOH comp? Yes, not an elimination comp on the first night. I’m starting to realize BB should stop doing twists, just let the game play out. Really, Cory? He lost his grip and disappeared. OMG that was Cirie in the kitchen! That is the woman from “Survivor” people if she plays this game, I will be glued to my TV screen AMERICA, and I’m not referring to the houseguest.

The HOH gets to save 2 people I am calling it now. Jared is stunned to see his mother people. Wow, Cirie is playing BB25 this is beyond epic and I kind of wish we had another houseguest or two from “Survivor” to join her. The fact that Cirie is part of the cast is great, but I’m still not happy with that stupid twist of being nominated for being last. Solid episode besides that twist that I’m worried we’re going to have so many twists it is going to annoy the hell out of me.

Julie noted there would be MORE houseguests joining the game, potentially, Cirie is one, but what about the others and WHEN will they appear. On Sunday, an HOH will be crowned. Wednesday we have our first POV and Thursday is the first live eviction of the season people. “Big Brother” airs Sundays and Wednesday at 8 p.m. Thursdays at 9 p.m., let the chaos begin.