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“The Walking Dead” Series Finale Recap!

HOLLYWOOD—The end has come America. After more than 11 years, the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” ended its run on Sunday, November 20. Yes,...

“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Family’

HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people. This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a highlight for the journey our heroes have taken up to...

“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Variant’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week the audience saw a major character on “The Walking Dead” meet his maker. If you’re still in the dark I’m referring to...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Trust’

HOLLYWOOD—I was impressed with last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” It was fun, exciting and brought me back into the foray of why...

“The Walking Dead” Recap: ‘Rogue Element’

HOLLYWOOD—The Commonwealth, just when the audience thought it would be the savior to our heroes’ problems, we learn with each new community there is...

“Walking Dead” Recap: ‘New Haunts’

HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the best of the season people. So the question everyone wanted to...
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