HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people. This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a highlight for the journey our heroes have taken up to this point, with Judith narrating things with ‘Family.’ Some of you may already know something tragic happens with Judith based on that “TWD” teaser that has made its way online. It is apparent our heroes have rescued all of their members as the journey to head back to the Commonwealth to confront Pamela Milton was the big mission people.

Negan questioned Maggie’s plan to take out Pamela, and to be honest, she did not have one. Judith wanted to join the grownups on their mission, but Daryl was against it, so was Carol, but Judith was headstrong in her assertion. Mercer dropped the bomb on Max and Yumiko that he rescued Eugene and that they need to stay out of sight for safety. Eugene don’t be an idiot, keep quiet and act like the scared cat that you are.

Gabriel, Rosita, Daryl, Maggie, Carol and Judith were all on that moving train as they focused on their mission to find the others, particularly their daughter. Pamela was not pleased to discover that Eugene has ‘escaped’ and the town was in uproar about the secrets the Commonwealth have been keeping. Looks like Pamela does not trust Mercer anymore and that’s not good. Pamela alerted B17, just as Aaron, Lydia and Jerry were part of that massive horde of walkers headed towards I assume the Commonwealth. I would be petrified of doing such a thing out of fear that something bad could transpire. In her quest to save Elijah, Lydia had her arm bitten and it had to be sliced off to prevent her from becoming a walker. Damn that was vicious and an unexpected turn of events.

I’m getting echoes of season 6 again, when our protagonists thought it was smart to be part of a horde only to lose a ton of members in the process. Negan is really doing his best to repent for his sins of the past. It feels like Ezekiel is slightly warming up to him, but he still has an ax to grind with his foe turned ally or shall I say frenemy. Mercer is good at playing the double agent; so much to the point people don’t suspect him. Princess alerted Mercer that she and the others were on a train, with prisoners that could help his case to take down Pamela.

Lydia was an emotional mess as Aaron and Jerry locked off her arm to protect her from becoming a walker, and it was a gruesome, yet haunting scene to witness. Mercer realized the threat of the walkers headed to their town was imminent and he was focused on stopping it as soon as possible. Eugene was on the verge of being found, but in a surprising turn of events he actually fought back for once America. Lydia is one arm short people, but she is indeed alive and still her human self, as that camper was surrounded by walkers.

Daryl realized they were walking into a trap, as gunfire emerged and lives were lost as a result, Pamela in a stunning turn of events shot Judith, who tried to protect Maggie. It led to absolute mayhem, as Carol, Maggie and the others wanted blood as a result. Daryl was desperate to get Judith medical attention as soon as possible, as it was not looking good people. The Commonwealth soon discovered that the walkers evolved and they were climbing the walls, and an attack unknowingly opened the gates allowing the walkers free entry.

Pamela discovered that their gates have been breached; Daryl and the others soon discovered they are being locked in as walkers invaded the Commonwealth. Ok, if this is the end, this is NOT looking great people, as Daryl was desperately doing all in his power to rescue Judith, who was fading in an out of consciousness. So the penultimate episode has concluded and next week the series finale arrives. Who will live, who will die that is the question we all want to know. I cannot believe next Sunday will be my final recap of “The Walking Dead” after nearly a decade of recaps. Next Sunday will indeed be an epic on “TWD” fanatics!