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Border Patrol Agents Save Migrants From Drowning

UNITED STATES—U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents saved a family of Guatemalan nationals from drowning in the Rio Grande river on March 28....

Migrants Rush The Border

UNITED STATES—On Sunday, November 25, rocks and pieces of cement were thrown at U.S. Border Patrol Agents by some migrants, including women and children...

Issues At U.S. Border Near Tijuana

TIJUANA, MEXICO—Over 3,000 migrants have reached the U.S. border near Tijuana, Mexico. Close to 2,700 are Central American migrants who applied for asylum in...

Migrants Begin To Arrive At U.S. Border

UNITED STATES—Several hundred migrants have started to arrive at the U.S. border in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Several buses arrived with over 350...

Executive Order Ends Separation At Border

UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, June 20, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to stop the separation of families at the border. In a statement from...
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