Tag: obsession

The Obsession With ‘Celebrity’ Is Disturbing

UNITED STATES—I do have a bit of an issue with people who tend to put celebrities on pedestals. It is a logic that I...

What Would People Do Without Social Media?

UNITED STATES—I think this is something that very much could become a reality, but I don’t think much of America sees it that way....

The Obsession With Social Media!

UNITED STATES—I’ve talked about my concerns with social media for years now, and I know while some of you might suspect things being all...

Suspect Pleads After Breaking Into Sandra Bullock’s Home

BEL AIR—Joshua James Corbett, 41, pleaded no contest on May 24, 2017 to charges of breaking into the home of actress Sandra Bullock in...

Evolution Of: Stalking

UNITED STATES—January is National Stalking Awareness Month! Stalking is a crime that affects 7.5 million individuals per year, and research by John Carroll University tells...

My Reality TV Obsession

UNITED STATES—I shouldn’t be obsessed with reality television, but for some odd reason it seems piercing into the lives of complete strangers with the...
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