UNITED STATES—I do have a bit of an issue with people who tend to put celebrities on pedestals. It is a logic that I just do not understand, and it baffles me at times as well. Celebrities are no different than the everyday American. You know what the difference is? They have money and a level of social status most of us don’t. That is it people, nothing else makes them better or more important than you. I hate when people live in this orbit, where they have this celebrity who is like this God like figure to them and you cannot say anything bad about them or criticize them.

They’re human, if they do something wrong, I’m going to call them out on it. Plain and simple and if you don’t like it, guess what, that is your problem. It is NOT mine. You might be saying why I’m bringing this topic to the forefront. Well, it all started with singer Taylor Swift dating or supposedly dating NFL star Travis Kelce. It is one thing to hear about them dating, but damn, why I am hearing like 5 stories in a single show on TMZ. Like it is bonkers crazy.

For the past 2-3 weeks it is like this Taylor Swift frenzy, and I’m sorry it is annoying the hell out of me. Talk about it once, but every 5 minutes, it becomes not only stale, but you can alienate your core audience and that is never a good thing. Like the NFL is starting to do this, and c’mon, I’m trying to watch a football game, I don’t need a glimpse of what the hell Taylor Swift is doing every 5 minutes and who she is with and what they’re doing. This happened during the most recent Sunday Night Football, and I was just over it.

I care about the football game and what is happening on the field, NOT what is happening in the stands. It is like the world of celebrity is just so caliber driven in our society and why? I cannot understand people purchasing items because their favorite celebrity put it on their social media page or because they wore it. So, you’re going to break the bank to try to align with your favorite celebrity or feel like you’re one of them.

Sorry, let’s be clear these celebs don’t care about you the same way that you think they do. You’re loading their pockets they’re not loading your pockets. Remember that when you go out and purchase an album 10 times which is the exact same album. This is not just singers, it happens with actors, athletes and the so-called social media influencers and reality stars. These people get paid to promote those items; it should be a sign to look deeper. Nope, not many of us do it.

Stop trying to be like celebrities. Be yourself, that is what makes society great when people embrace who they truly are and not trying to mimic or feel part of what some deem an exclusive group. The more we continue to make celebrities feel untouchable they tend to embrace that ideology and that is when you make people God-like tier and all it takes is one scandal to knock them back to earth. A celebrity is just a title given to those who are in the spotlight, just a reminder being in the spotlight is not always a great thing, so think about that.

Witten By Jason Jones