Tag: Olivia Jerome

Walls Are Closing In On Valentin On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—The Jason mystery while not 100 percent solved on “General Hospital” has definitely opened more doors than expected. For starts, Patient 6 aka (Jason...

Madness Erupts On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of causing havoc for the residents of Port Charles, Olivia Jerome has found her reign of terror come to end on “General...

Olivia Jerome’s Plan Explodes On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Olivia Jerome has been up to no good on “General Hospital,” but this week, it looks like her...

Danger Lurks On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Things have been so fascinating on “General Hospital” for February sweeps and it looks like things are getting...

Olivia Jerome Returns To “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mob is back in a big way on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Just when you suspect someone from the past is...
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