Tag: perception

Stop Being Innocent Bystanders!

UNITED STATES—Something that really disturbs me about Americans is our inability at times to do what is right even though we know people are...

Making A Major Lifestyle Change

UNITED STATES—In life, sometimes you have to take a moment and re-examine what is going on in your life. A lot of the time...

Open Your Eyes

UNITED STATES—Have you ever been in a position where you know something is wrong, but for reasons you cannot fathom you refuse to open...

Glover’s “Atlanta” Picture Of Hell!

HELLO AMERICA!—When hearing that young Donald Glover, an actor, writer and director who has proven to so many in the entertainment industry he has...

“Insecure” TV Series Total Embarrassment!

HELLO AMERICA!—When viewing HBO’s recent series “Insecure,” it was a disappointing, sickening, frightening half hour experience! One expected, especially after all the years of stereotypical...

Public Perception

UNITED STATES—Ok, this was something that I wanted to talk about for weeks, but the latest public figure to throw their hat in the...
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