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West Hollywood City Hall Reopens

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, July 26, the city of West Hollywood announced they will reopen West Hollywood City Hall along with their new reservations system...

Do You Pay The Bill?

UNITED STATES—As adults many of us are fully aware that if there are basic essentials you want to have you have to pay for...

Living Without Electricity

UNITED STATES—It’s amazing how we take things for granted in life. The basic essentials like water, air, light, gas, food, clothing and shelter just...

Malibu Helping Frontier Communications Fix Issues

MALIBU—Residents of Malibu have been experiencing issues with their communications provider since Frontier Communications took over telephone, TV, and phone service from Verizon. As of...

New Verizon Experience In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—Verizon recently opened a new “Destination Store” at Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. The store is only the fifth of its kind in...

Malibu Residents Fall Victim To Phone Scams

MALIBU—The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station has been warning citizens of a phone scam that has been asking residents to wire money overseas. In a statement...
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