UNITED STATES—As adults many of us are fully aware that if there are basic essentials you want to have you have to pay for them. For some reason I know way too many people in my life who don’t seem to understand that. Nothing pays for itself for free. If you want lights, you have to pay for them, if you want heat in your home; you have to pay for gas. Why do so many people think that is not the case and these things are free?

I mean it’s amazing that I know so many people for reasons I simply cannot fathom, do not think they have to pay bills or refuse to pay them. However, at the same time, they expect things to just be paid because that is what happens. It’s simply ignorant, pathetic and shows a lack of maturity. I can certainly see now why so many marriages go to kaput over finances. One spouse works hard to keep the bills at a flat rate while someone else, decides I’ll just use as much as I possibly can and I’ll never see any repercussions along the way.

That annoys the hell out of me, and let me be clear this has nothing to do with bills fluctuating. I mean it happens, with light and gas bills things change all the time, but there are ways to control it. The same applies with the cell phone bill, the cable bill, the internet bill, car insurance and so many other things. I mean if I’m religiously paying a bill every single month, without a single hiccup for nearly 8 years, do you think its okay for you to just add things to a service without consulting the person who pays the bill.

That is not only a slap to the face for the person who pays the bill, it’s a blatant sign of disrespect, showing that you could care less what happens with that bill. Why? You’re not forking anything from your pocket. How about I hand you the bill for 6 months and see how you handle things? Would you like to pay it? Would you respect the fact that you’ve never paid a bill that you’ve come to take advantage of for years because funds were not coming out of your savings or checking account?

Yeah, some nerve right. It’s even more frustrating when you realize certain people in your orbit just continue to take advantage of all you do because once again they are not doing it themselves. I’m so sick and tired of people saying they don’t have the money. If you have the money to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and purchase lavish gifts, guess what: you can pay a got damn bill. Enough with the BS, and for those parents out there who continue to coddle grown a** adults cut it out. You’re not allowing them to mature, and they are starting to waver in the world of responsibility.

Before you know it you’ll have a child who is 30, who has never paid a bill in his or her life and has no idea how to balance a checkbook, let alone how to manage their finances because they have always had someone else doing it for them. Tell me how that is actually going to work out for the parent and the adult child as the years continue to escalate. It doesn’t, it really doesn’t and at this point you’re frustrated with the fact that you’ve raised a child who has no intent on being responsible at all.

Plain and simple, people who are NOT paying a bill should think twice about taking advantage of the person who actually pays the bill. If you’re not careful, you’re going to wake up with cable, internet, phone, gas and electricity all shut off. You might be laughing now because the bill is NOT being paid by you, but wait for it, the time will come where you will indeed reap what you sew.