Tag: Portia

Nina Reeves Exposed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, Nina let it be a lesson to never discuss things you don’t want others to hear in public on “General Hospital.” Why? Her...

Secrets Exposed On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Exactly what are Carly and Drew thinking on “General Hospital.” I have never witnessed two characters more frustrating in my life. Look, I love...

February Sweeps Erupt On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—It rarely happens, but “General Hospital” is pulling out all the stops for February Sweeps in a big way as a major player had...

Death Strikes Port Charles On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who would have known Ava Jerome’s initial attack on “General Hospital” would be the kickoff to a murder mystery. Brando Corbin is dead after...

Rivalries Ignite On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who can you trust? That is the question that is to be asked on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Ava Jerome vs. Nikolas Cassadine...

Britt Returns, Peter Schemes On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─She was considered one of the wickedest villainesses on daytime TV. Any guesses as to who I’m referring to? I’m talking about Dr. Britt...
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