Tag: poverty

Aporphobia Shrugged

UNITED STATES—People were so nice in Madrid. For instance, the women who had been talking to the Egyptian ambassador, had tapped me on the...

Be Thankful For What You Have

UNITED STATES—For so many people, Thanksgiving is a special day, one where it’s all about family and food, however, there are plenty of people...

The Fight To End Poverty

UNITED STATES—This week has been a tough week for me, but especially because I just watched a documentary titled “The End of Poverty” that...

Programming Children For Success Or Failure!

UNITED STATES—The brain is a personal computer for the body that a parent PROGRAMS in the first 6 years of life. A humans' self-schema is...

Evolution Of: America’s PROBLEM

UNITED STATES—Our nation is being RUINED at its core, while allowing politicians and media to lead us where they WANT our attention directed: the...

What’s Cookin’?

UNITED STATES—The people at 1980 Estrella taught me about cooking. Since I knew next to nothing, my culinary skills and variety grew exponentially. The...
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