Tag: prank

Stuntman Steve-O Duct Tapes Self On Hollywood Billboard

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—“Jackass” star, Stephen Gilchrist Glover or better known as Steve-O duct taped himself to a Hollywood billboard and was taken down by authorities...

Samuel X. Argos Dies Late At 97

UNITED STATES—It seemed like a cool thing to do: to go to a reenactment of scenes from a schlock horror movie meister in a...

Hollywood Sign To Increase Security After Prank

GRIFFITH PARK—After the Hollywood sign was vandalized to read 'Hollyweed' on New Year's Day, officials are planning to increase security to better protect the...

Clown Hoax Brings Warnings From Authorities

CALIFORNIA—A clown hoax has been spreading across the state and nation that has led local authorities to warn the public. In this clown hoax,...

Evolution Of: Anonymous Trolls

UNITED STATES—Back when there was no internet you would think there were no TROLLS, but in fact I propose they evolved right along with...
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