Tag: resistance

Mentally Stronger Than You Know

UNITED STATES─Sometimes you never know how strong of a person you are mentally until you place yourself in a predicament to prove your willpower....

Former UC Berkeley Employee Charged For Attacking Trump Supporter

BERKELEY—Former UC Berkeley employee, Zachary Greenberg, 28, was arrested Friday, March 1 for allegedly assaulting Hayden Williams on February 19, leaving him with a...

Hollywood Was There!

HELLO AMERICA!—By the year 1968, America had lost some of the most freedom loving men of the nation. First, it was Jack Kennedy, then...

Eating Healthy Is Your Choice

UNITED STATES—This past week I had to take a moment and seriously look at all the bad food and junk I consumed this past...

Eating Right Is Hard At Times

UNITED STATES—I hate the word diet, but in the world we live in one has to be aware of what he or she puts...
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