Tag: Roe VS. Wade

Dupont’s All Trimester Abortion Clinic BH Lease, Canceled

BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, August 15, news that the DuPont Clinic, all trimester abortion clinic that was to open its doors in Fall 2023, at...

Opposing Demonstrations Meet At Planned Parenthood

SANTA MONICA—A group of abortion rights activists marched to a Santa Monica Planned Parenthood on Saturday, July 16 at around 10 a.m., in an...

Biden Signs Executive Order To Allow Abortion On Demand

UNITED STATES—On Friday, July 8, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to allow women in the U.S. access to abortion. Biden’s order goes...

Biden-Harris Administration Issue Statement On Roe Vs. Wade

UNITED STATES−On January 22, the Joe Biden and Kamela Harris administration issued a statement announcing their intent to address the pro-life laws put in...
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