Tag: sadness

Relax, Breathe, Do All Over Again!

UNITED STATES—Emotions. It is the one thing all humans have. Some days we are happy, other days we are sad, some days were are...

Death Is A Complicated Thing People

UNITED STATES—It has been a hell of a past two weeks for me people, how I have not fallen to pieces I have no...

Do Not Bottle Your Emotions People

UNITED STATES—Emotions can be a rollercoaster people. Some days you are on a high and then other times you can be on a low,...

Death Strikes Unexpectedly

UNITED STATES—Death, it is indeed something that is part of life. It happens all the time, and for some people it happens unexpectedly; to...

Spark Of Life Grief Recovery Retreat To Come To SoCal

CALIFORNIA—What was pioneered from personal tragedy and a little bit of goodwill has since become a nationwide network for grief recovery, providing services, as...

Election Blues

UNITED STATES—Well, its Wednesday morning and there are plenty of Americans who are thrilled with the results of the Presidential election, while many are...
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