Tag: Sick

Being Sick Sucks America!

UNITED STATES—I rarely get sick America, but when I do get sick it tends to be pretty bad. I recently came down with an...

Just Completely Drained

UNITED STATES—There is no worse feeling than being under the weather. When I say under the weather I’m referring to being ill. Out of...

The Flu Is Out Of Control

UNITED STATES—Flu season is in full force and it has been one of the worse that I have seen in years America and I...

The Frustration With Being Ill

HOLLYWOOD—I tell this to people all the time so I have no trouble being a bit frank with my audience. I rarely get ill...

Grappling When You Are Feeling Blue

UNITED STATES—Feeling sick is NEVER a good feeling for any person. I mean this month I have been sick twice, yes I said it...

What To Do When You Are Sick?

UNITED STATES—Being ill or sick as most of us like to call it is no fun feeling. For many Americans, when we get sick...
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