HOLLYWOOD—I didn’t hear about this movie until literally a week ago, but it’s the latest horror flick from writer, producer and director, Kevin Williamson. Williamson is the brains behind the iconic franchise, “Scream” and a few other notable films in the franchise. His latest film, “Sick” tackles something I have been eager to see done: a horror film chronicling the pandemic and COVID-19. This latest flick involves a remote cabin, several young adults and a killer with a razor-sharp knife.

Look the idea Williamson crafts is simply genius, my problem is the execution. Why? I didn’t buy the big reveal/motive. It did not satisfy me as a viewer, but it is workable. The opening to the movie is wicked and just places the spectator back into the realm of where they were and what they were doing at the height of the pandemic in 2020, where mask wearing was a must, social distancing mattered and life and death was on the top of so many people’s minds.

“Sick’s” opening sequence is just wicked and so unnerving and sets the stage for a lot of chaos to come. The movie then transitions to Parker Mason (Gideon Adlon) and her pal, Miri (Bethleham Million), who are going away to Parker’s remote cabin to quarantine after the possible risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Once at Parker’s residence, the two women receive some strange text messages that leave them a bit unnerved, however, they think nothing of them, as they suspect the messages from Parker’s fling, DJ (Dylan Sprayberry).

Sprayberry’s performance delivers some laughs and extra ump to the narrative that once it kicks off is a literal thrill-a-minute. Think of “Sick” as being a high-octane thriller with a chase scene that last at least 30-40 minutes and it is just full of adrenaline to leave the audience on edge until the big climax. I will not spoil the motive, but I wanted more. The violence in this flick is there; there is blood, there is gore, there are scenes that make you cringe and squirm a bit and it is fun to witness.

“Sick” is a quick watch clocking in just under 85 minutes and the pacing thanks to director John Hyams doesn’t give too much stale time. We get to know our main characters, we know an assailant is stalking them and it’s a game of cat-and-mouse the rest of the flick to escape. Another tidbit I have to point out is the fact that the costume used for the killer, I did not love it. It really gave me burglar or a 80s psychopath from so many flicks during that era that didn’t wow me. A bit more originality would have been exciting.

If you’re looking for a great horror scare, this movie is available on Peacock and you don’t even have to go to the theater to be entertained. FYI, “Sick” is absolutely rated R.