UNITED STATES—Feeling sick is NEVER a good feeling for any person. I mean this month I have been sick twice, yes I said it twice, which is very uncommon for me. On average, when I get sick it’s usually 1-2 times a year, normally during the peak of the summer months. However, for the oddest reason my body has been in turmoil lately and its driving me crazy to say the least.

As part of my New Year resolution I gave up fast-food, and to be honest I really don’t miss it at all. However, this weekend, I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed juggling work, school and family stuff that I just needed a day where I did not have to prepare a meal. I already knew the ramifications my body would endure as a result of me ‘cheating’ if that’s what you want to call it.

And I’m the type of person when I get sick, except for when it’s a cough, I like to trace back what I ate the day of or the day before that made me nauseous or wanting to vomit. I think I ate some old or stale popcorn, while at the movies (and I only had a handful of popcorn) to be honest. But it had a weird taste and that immediately caught my attention. I think I had a bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese. However, the one thing that stayed persistent in my head were those cheddar potato chips I ate (FYI I hate cheddar chips). Just the mere thought of them now is making me want to gag.

They seemed to taste good at the moment, but my body was telling me you’ll regret indulging in those chips buddy. Come Monday morning I felt terrible, I could barely get out of the bed and no matter what, I could tell from the first belch I had that morning that I could vomit at any moment. Something you should know about me: when it comes to being sick, I hate a stuffy nose, a sore throat and the thought of vomiting. I mean vomiting hurts like hell people and after taking an Alka Seltzer in an attempt to alleviate my nauseous symptoms, I vomited like I knew I would.

I know I’m being a bit detailed here, but those potato chips I mentioned were indeed a culprit. The rest of the day I could barely digest anything because I was so afraid it would come right back up. Even though I was sick I still went to work and school that day; kinda wish I would have just set down and relaxed. I’m starting to learn when you’re sick, sometimes no matter how dedicated you are, you have to take some time to let your body relax, rejuvenate and recover.

If you’re ill and you’re fighting against that illness by adding more stress to your plate, it only makes the situation worse people. Yes, we all try to take on the role of Superman at times, but I’m starting to realize there is a reason Superman doesn’t exist in real life; there is no such thing. We can’t do it all, without their being some consequences along the way. Sometimes getting ill is not about being around the wrong people, catching a bug or a stroke of chance, it’s sometimes the universe telling you it’s time to slow down a bit. Because trust me if you don’t, your body will certainly ensure you do.