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Restart, Reboot, But Do Not Give Up

UNITED STATES—So 2022 has arrived, and less than 4 years into the year I broke a resolution that I had already set for myself....

Fighting Temptation Gets Easier

UNITED STATES─Well week 1 of Lent has been a success for me America. As I’ve already discussed, I have given up soda for the...

Junk Food Or Actual Food

UNITED STATES—Food, it is the one thing that we all consume on a daily basis. It’s something that is needed for survival; however, I...

Water, Juice Or Soda

UNITED STATES—Something that many Americans fail to realize on a daily basis is a vast majority of the calories we consume come from actual...

Oh, What A Sweet Tooth!

UNITED STATES—We have been chatting about food the past few weeks in our efforts to highlight the importance of eating healthy and ridding our...

Curbing Bad Habits

UNITED STATES—It is not easy ridding one’s self of a bad habit, but with continual trial and error things do get better. I’ve been...
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