HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” was a bit of a bummer for me. So I was eager for this week’s episode, ‘Don’t Touch The Oven.’ Back at Yanu, the foursome started to bond with each other, but Bhanu started to spill his guts to Tiffany and Q (about his chats on that journey) placing targets on Kenzie, Q and Tiffany. All three of his tribemates are in serious danger if they make it to the merge or there is a tribe swap, and they were not happy.

Bhanu is not a good strategical player; he’s a liability. Bhanu realized he was in trouble and needed a prayer. Tree mail and I truly hope this is some sort of swap people. Jem tossed the advantage to Maria who took the risk not realizing that it is a locked box. There is nothing there, but I don’t understand Jem’s goal here. This is not strategic to me, this is kind of stupid. Girl you better hope you don’t go to Tribal Council now because you will be exposed.

We’re 20 minutes into the episode and we already have the Immunity Challenge? Something has to be up here people it seems way too early in my opinion. I was happy to see Yanu and Nami in the lead on this challenge with Siga falling behind. As suspected it was simply a Reward Challenge, where Maria truly struggled with Yanu finally capturing its first challenge of the season, followed by Nami which meant Siga was empty handed for the first time in a long time.

Yanu was able to trade for the large tarp and tool kit with Nami who got some fish instead. It was interesting hearing Tevin’s backstory, just as Q was giving a bit of advice to Bhanu on how to play the game and he’s picking up on things. Kenzie, yes, you snapped on Bhanu, you have to remember that can be a possible number for you. He didn’t like being treated like a puppet, and I agree, but Kenzie apologizing was a step in the right direction. That’s how you play “Survivor.”

Gosh, these bozos at Siga are all searching for something that Jem cooked up, but she is pointing the target at Tim, but my question is why? This episode is boring me a bit, Soda you are bit egotistical, and she is doing too much. Agreed Tevin, Soda is playing too hard and he picked up on it. Tevin started to shift the target towards Soda which Hunter and Liz wanted to hear.

Time for the Immunity Challenge which was water based. The only excitement was Bhanu skipping the crate and being forced to go back. Wow, Siga was in the lead, I didn’t expect that. Wow, Yanu and Nami came back quick even though Siga had the lead with Nami winning Immunity fist. Wow, this was crazy, Yanu was headed back to Tribal Council the fourth consecutive time. This episode was so boring and beyond predictable.

I mean is there any suspense, why would Bhanu not be a target unless he plays his shot in the dark and he becomes immune, and he can’t do that because he has NO VOTE! Bhanu you are hunting for an idol that doesn’t exist. He has no vote or Shot in the Dark. This is just difficult to watch. I can understand he feels the walls are closing in on him, and the fact that the producers are editing this stale tale is beyond baffling. Like this is two episodes in a row now that has been a complete bummer.

Did we truly need to see this Tribal Council? This is why I want to see tribe swaps in this game in the new era that has been quite stale up to this point. A tribe that just gets decimated is not fun to watch. Jeff seriously, stop it already; you’re not making compelling TV. I will admit it was brutal to hear Bhanu’s story; it was heartbreaking to hear, but I was glad that he got the opportunity to share his story. No actual vote, wow.

No swap next week, so we are truly going to see two people sit out from Nami and three people from Siga for the next Immunity Challenge. C’mon “Survivor 46” I need you to pick up the excitement because its faltering. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!