Tag: speech

Saying Stupid Things

UNITED STATES—By now, I KNOW everyone has heard the comment that was made by Dr. Ben Carson, who is the new Secretary of Housing,...

What Makes A Powerful Speech

UNITED STATES—We have discussed in the past the importance of public speaking, however, we have not yet discussed how important a speech is in...

The Evolution Of: Free Speech

UNITED STATES—In today’s world we can hold a cell phone and record a police officer while he or she is being heckled. The internet...

Transgender Activist Demands Accountability

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Barack Obama was interrupted by an invited guest at a White House reception held in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month on June 25. The reception was...

The Power Of A Good Speech

UNITED STATES—The power of public speaking is an art form itself, but even if you’re not the best public speaker, that doesn’t mean you’re...

Lost MLK Speech Uncovered At UCLA

WESTWOOD—Three years prior to his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr. paid a visit to the Los Angeles' Westside, delivering a speech...
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