Tag: sunlight

Shade Can Be An Asset

UNITED STATES—Just about every home garden has some sort of shade. Even if there are no substantial trees or shrubbery, there are northern walls...

The Perks And Drawbacks Of Daylight Savings

UNITED STATES—This weekend marked daylight savings time and for many Americans it has its pros and cons. I don’t mind the notion of gaining...

Tropism Gives Plants Some Direction

UNITED STATES—When a seed germinates, the roots know that they want to go down, and the new stem knows that it wants to go...

Shade Is Not For Everyone

UNITED STATES—There is no way around it. Just about every garden has some degree of shade. Even low profile single story houses without eaves...

Plants Are Particular About Exposure

UNITED STATES—One of the most important differences between plants and animals is that animals are 'animated', and plants are not. Aquatic plants might float...

The Wrong Time For Pruning

UNITED STATES—Not many plants are sensitive to mere heat alone. Actually, many plants prefer warm weather. The difficulty that some plants have with heat...
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