Tag: Tom Hardy

“Venom” Is Devilish Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Not sure what every other critic was thinking when they saw the standalone flick “Venom,” but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It had everything...

Tom Hardy Delivers, “Legend” Not So Much

HOLLYWOOD—Portraying dual roles in a movie is no easy feat for an actor or actress in Hollywood. It can be done, but it requires...

“The Revenant” Is Masterful Acting, Filmmaking

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve attempted to wrap my head around for YEARS just when actor Leonardo DiCaprio would finally get that shot at Oscar. I mean this...

“Mad Max: Fury Road,” A Destitute Tale

HOLLYWOOD—Ok, I never saw the first “Mad Max” film starring Mel Gibson back in 1979, it was before my time. Heck, I never saw...
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