Tag: Trump Administration

Trump Administration Gives $35M To Aid Human Trafficking Victims

WASHINGTON— On Tuesday, August 4, the Trump Administration announced over $35 million in Justice Department grants to victims of human trafficking and organizations that...

Trump Orders Hospitals To Send COVID-19 Data To HSS

AMERICA — Under new instructions from the Trump Administration announced Wednesday, July 15, hospitals are now required to report COVID-19 data directly to the...

Proposal For Death Penalty For Mass Shooters

UNITED STATES—The Trump administration and the United States Department of Justice are working together on a proposal to expedite the trials and use of...

D.O.J. Policing Funding For Sanctuary Cities

UNITED STATES—On July 12, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of allowing the Department of Justice to prioritize federal discretionary grant...

The Truth About Immigration Detention Facilities

UNITED STATES—The truth about the immigration detention facilities is being exposed after reports of inhumane living conditions were reported. A photo from an article in...

Street Vending Laws Amended To Protect Immigrants

LOS FELIZ—In February, the Los Angeles City Council voted to decriminalize street vending which protects the cities immigrant population by ruling that unauthorized vendors...
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