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COVID Is The Enemy, Here’s How To Fight Back

UNITED STATES—COVID is the enemy that has taught us all what it feels like to fight a hopeless war. Despite our great progress, more...

COVID-19 – Will The Vaccination And Testing Be Enough

UNITED STATES—During the first stage of the COVID19 shutdown I was looking for ways to exercise and not violate the guidelines. I bought dumbbells...

Obama Is Like A Flu Shot

UNITED STATES—When Obama first took office I was happy. I was young, naïve and I thought it would be nice to have a good...

Vaccination Bill Passed By Assembly

SACRAMENTO—The California State Assembly approved SB 277, the vaccination bill, on Thursday, June 25, by a vote of 41-36. The bill, which was introduced on...

State Senate Mandates Vaccination For Schoolchildren

CALIFORNIA—On Thursday, May 14, the State Senate passed legislation that would mandate vaccination for all schoolchildren. Sentate Bill 277, introduced by Sen. Richard Pan, of...
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