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Why NFTs Are Harder To Value And Trade Than Cryptocurrencies?

UNITED STATES—NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – have been making headlines in the news recently. So, what are they and what do they mean...

5 Ways To Ensure To Add Value To A House

UNITED STATES—When looking to sell our home, there are many considerations and stresses we must deal with. But top of the list is obviously,...

Worker Realization

UNITED STATES—There has been so much conversation in the past 18 months about the workforce in America and how so many businesses are facing...

College Education, What Is It Worth?

UNITED STATES—I was recently having a conversation with some friends and family about college. I know a lot of people tend to say that...

Time For A Change In Jobs

UNITED STATES—Work, it’s something many of us do day in and day out. For most Americans, we have dead end jobs that we absolutely...
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