UNITED STATES—When looking to sell our home, there are many considerations and stresses we must deal with. But top of the list is obviously, how much can we get as a sale price? It can be confusing and concerning to figure out the best strategy to maximize the possible asking price. On the one hand, we should be willing to invest a little to raise the price, but we don’t want to spend more than the increase in value.

One way to sell without complications is selling to a real estate investor like The Local House Buyers, otherwise here are our five sure ways to add value to a house.

Here are our five sure ways to add value to a house.

Here are our five sure ways to add value to a house.


A splash of color can change a room. It can create a fresh impression and remove the feel of dank and clutter from a space. Painting the walls is not the only way to update the décor, consider new artwork or even creative use of light; new lighting can literally present the space in a new light.

Present Well for Viewings

There is much to be said for simply presenting well. Changes to your home do not need to be drastic or even expensive. Tidying up, ensuring the carpets and curtains are all clean and presentable can go a long way to making a property feel more welcoming. Eliminate any odors and consider carpet shampoo and air fresheners. Rearranging the furniture can give the rooms a better flow, often referred to as Fung Shui; some spend fortunes hiring an expert, but you can do it yourself, just keep in mind, space, how you enter and exit rooms, and you can do a good job yourself.

Home Security

The most desirable homes are often located in high-security gated communities. Feeling safe and secure at home is high up most people’s priorities, but we can’t all afford properties in these luxury estates. But we can make the most of the security options in our homes. There are a wide variety of home security system packages on the market, all of which will increase the value of our homes.

Extension or Conversion

Bigger is better. When talking about property, this is undoubtedly true, and with regards to houses and apartments, this means the number of rooms. It is not a cheap option to add a room to a house, but the data shows that the added value to the property usually exceeds the cost of construction. You can extend a property horizontally, adding a room to the side, or vertically by building above an existing floor, or by converting an existing room, such as a garage.

Landscape the Garden

The outdoor space is often one of the last we consider, but this can be a great mistake as it’s the first thing a visitor sees and somewhere we spend a considerable amount of time. We can replace turf, add decking, or new paving. But often, something as natural as stones and boulders can add to the look of the garden space; this can be a more budget-friendly option for transforming the space. This does not have to cost the earth, and if you have the time and are willing to get your hands dirty, anyone can achieve great results.