Tag: Weight

Size Does Matter!

HOLLYWOOD—Just like the film industry, the music industry seems to be judgemental with the weight of its female stars. Fat-shaming in Hollywood is nothing...

Thanksgiving Leftovers 101

UNITED STATES—I tell people all the time you don’t understand the stress of Thanksgiving unless you have actually celebrated the madness. I’ve done it...

My Secret Crazy Panic Button

BEL AIR—Panic Buttons are words or topics that trigger an emotional response. When pushed, it makes you go crazy and sets you off.  We all...

Watching What You Eat

UNITED STATES—Well, we’re less than a few days away from the biggest cooking holiday in the year: Thanksgiving. Last week, we spent an abundance...

Public Perception

UNITED STATES—Ok, this was something that I wanted to talk about for weeks, but the latest public figure to throw their hat in the...

Obesity Affects Sense Of Smell

WESTWOOD—The UCLA Department of Psychology published a report on March 18 which reveals that negative biases towards obese people affect us in ways previously unknown, impacting...
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